Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why am I Writing this Blog?

So, with a busy life taking care of six kids- aged 2 months to 9 years- why in the world would I want to write about bikes?

1) I've been having so much fun riding our new bakfiets, I just had to share!
2) I've been having so much fun reading (you get to do lots of that when nursing a newborn) other family biking blogs that I wanted to join in the fun.
3) I think I have something to say! It dawned on me last Sunday as our family of eight was riding to church dressed in our Sunday best (on a 20-inch kid's bike, on/in a bakfiets, and on a triple) that other people might find it interesting to read about how we often get around and why we do it
4) I like to write, so even if no one does find this interesting, I'll still enjoy the process of creating it!


  1. I am intrigued and excited to see more. I hope you find the time!

  2. Hey, hey! Glad to see you here.
    Cannot wait to hear more about your adventures.
    Happy riding.

  3. Welcome! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! (and I want to know all about your bike friday, we have our eyes on it for a bit down the line)...

  4. We'll have to post sometime about our experiences with the Bike Friday (mostly good!)... Thinking about it, I realize we've ridden a few thousand miles on it!

  5. I've enjoyed what I've read here! :) First I read an article about you, then started following you on twitter.

  6. Glad you're enjoying it... But I had no idea I had an article written about me :) Maybe you're thinking of Emily Finch??