Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bakfiets to the rescue

Yesterday, I biked all of the kids to school. Jeremy usually gets this job and then continues on to work, but yesterday had a work conference he needed to leave extra-early for. I was planning on just jamming all six kids into the car and dropping the three school-age ones off at the curb, but the big kids really wanted to bike and were willing to get ready quickly to do it. I figured we needed to leave a little earlier than usual because Joshua and Daniella would be riding their own bikes instead of the triple. The three littles got to be in the bakfiets. About halfway to school, Joshua started getting way behind. I figured he was just tired, but then Gabriella informed me his tire was flat. I was thoughtlessly unprepared-- no tools or patch kit or even a pump. Quickly, I decided to just lock Joshua's bike to a signpost and have him ride on the bakfiets rack. He wasn't happy about leaving his bike, but the set-up worked great. I barely noticed the extra 50 or so pounds. We got to school on time. On the way home from drop-off, I picked up Joshua's bike, strapped it to the back of the bakfiets and rode home-- this time being careful not to snag it on bollards. After getting home, I looked carefully at the tire. It wasn't just flat, but the rubber was worn so thin that there was a hole in it. The bike adventures never end...
Joshua's well-worn back tire-- now with a hole. I really should have noticed this before!

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