Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cool bikes, etc. that we don't own

All the time I've spent bouncing and feeding baby the past two months has given me a lot of (perhaps too much) time to surf the web for interesting family bikes. Here's a few things I've never owned or tried, but look like fun:

Onderwater Family Tandem. There's also a model with one more seat and set of pedals in the front. The site says the bikes are good for children ages 4-8 (I think; it's in Dutch).

Weehoo Bicycle Trailer. It's a like a Trail-a-bike, but recumbent.

Tyke Toter. A kid (suggested age: 2-5 years) can sit on a bike in front of the adult. Interestingly, some time ago I saw the DIY version of this at our local park. A Chinese grandfather had an old cushion of some sort wrapped around and tied to his top tube for his grandson to ride on. (We live in an area with a large Chinese population and see elderly Chinese men and women-- often here to care for grandchildren-- riding around all the time.)

This is a mamachari ("mama bicycle") from Japan. The child sits in a special seat between the handle bars.  Shuichi at Mama Bicycle blogs exclusively about these-- pretty cool.

Tanjor trailer (seats 3). This company no longer exists  (the photo is from a cycling forum), but this just looks really cool. After our third was born, we wanted to buy one, but couldn't find one for sale. I believe it is the only trailer that seats three.

And thinking about next week's predicted first storm of the season (it only rains October through April here)...

Veltop bicycle rain cover. I have no idea if this actually would work.

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