Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lots of biking miles

Yesterday, our family put a lot of miles on our bikes. Big kids: 3.5 miles. Jeremy: 20. Kimberly and little kids: 16. Jeremy rode extra because of another off-site work conference. I rode so far because it was just too beautiful a day to stay home and do nothing. So... I loaded up the little kids into the bakfiets and we went on an "adventure". I had as a general, possible, final destination Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, but instead we stopped at the Rosacrucian Egyptian Museum. It wasn't too kid-friendly, but we did get to walk through a replica of a tomb and I enjoyed an exhibit on giving birth in ancient Egypt. The boys liked best watching the lift that carried several elderly visitors down a set of stairs (oh, well-- a little young for the museum yet). Here are the boys as we left the museum-- next to the cool "open" sign:

And here is a picture of the front of the museum, inspired by an ancient temple:

On the way home, we cut through Santa Clara University and found a little environmental/green living sort-of fair going on. We bought a few baked goods (look closely at the kids' hands), the proceeds going to saving ocean life:

We also stopped at a park we've never been to (always a novelty):

I decided our visit was over when Jonah threw sand at a little girl. He's been doing things like this (always to girls just a little smaller than him) a lot lately-- no amount of talking about it (or time-outs, or leaving the park) seems to help.

The rest of the way home involved some poking, a lot of whining from Joseph, a fussy Nathaniel who eventually fell asleep and a potty break at another park. I guess life on a bike isn't always perfect :) I enjoyed the journey, though. I grew up in the SF bay area, but have no memory of ever visiting the museum and the surrounding neighborhood. I'm excited to go on more bike adventures in that direction.

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