Saturday, October 8, 2011

Typical biking day

Most weekdays for us involve lots of bike-riding. Here's a schedule of yesterday's bike adventures. It's pretty normal distance-wise, but has a few more destinations than some days:

7:50 am: Biking to school. Jeremy took Joshua and Daniella on the triple, Gabriella rode her bike. Distance: 3.5 miles.

8:20 am: Jeremy backtracked to the YMCA and then biked to work (all alone on the triple). Jeremy also admits to making a stop at the grocery store for a donut. 2.5 miles.

10:30 am: Kimberly took the bakfiets to run errands while Grandpa watched the little boys. Distance: 2 miles roundtrip.

12:45 pm: Jeremy went to pick up the kids from school. They got out early because of parent/teacher conferences. 1.5 miles.

1:00 pm: Jeremy, Gabriella, Daniella, and Joshua rode home from school. 3.5 miles.

2:10 pm: Jeremy and Joshua (on the Trail-a-bike) rode back to school for Joshua's wushu class. 3.5 miles.

3:20 pm: Jeremy and Joshua rode to a bike shop to pick up some 22" tubes for the Japanese bike and then continued on to the YMCA. 1.5 miles.

3:45 pm: Kimberly, Gabriella, Daniella, Joseph, Jonah, and Nathaniel rode to the YMCA-- the girls on their own bikes, and the three boys in the bakfiets. 2 miles.

6:00 pm: After some fun kid-classes, snacks, and some time on the playground, we rode home as a family. At the kids' request, we took a slightly longer route to travel on a pedestrian bridge over the freeway. I think everyone just really likes going fast on the long hill on the home-side of the bridge. Distance: 2.5 miles.

We didn't drive the car yesterday. Sometimes driving is mixed into our adventures-- either I'll drive or, lately, my parents will pick up the kids from school. I haven't driven for about two weeks, though, and Jeremy hasn't driven since the beginning of September when we drove to a friend's wedding. It's a fun game to see how long we can go without driving. We need to be careful not to become bike-snobs, though. When my father drove the kids home from school on Thursday, they apparently spent the trip home saying, "I hate cars!" repeatedly. How about just "I like bikes!" instead?

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