Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What the kids have to say about bikes

My kids have been yelling, "I hate cars! I love bikes!" lately. I asked my kids why they like bikes. Here's what they had to say:

Gabriella, age 10:
I love bikes. Not cars. Bikes can take you everywhere. Even to China. You just have to rent a pedal boat, and go across the ocean. These are close enough to bikes because you pedal. Bikes can also take you over secret bikeways that cars can't go over. I bike to school every day on my own bike. My brother and sister ride on a triple bike with my dad to school. I ride my own bike mostly. I like riding my own bike, not the triple, because you can steer yourself and you do not have to pedal with our dad. I LOVE BIKES!!!!!

Here's a picture of the crew headed off to school:

Daniella, age 8:
I love bikes. They're awesome. You can ride bikes everywhere where cars can't go. I bike more than Mommy. Mommy never rides the triple. She hasn't ridden it for billions of months. Before, I rode 20 miles without planning. We went around this block billions of times. We were trying to find a good spot to go. We should have ended up in Taiwan so we could have biked more in the ocean in a pedal boat. Bikes are cool!!!!!

It's true that I haven't ridden the triple for a while-- not since March or so when I was about 5 months pregnant. The geometry of the Bike Friday Triple doesn't provide for a very upright ride-- something I found necessary for me to bike comfortably in my last trimester.  After the baby was born, I didn't ride for about a month-and-a-half (until our bakfiets came). Right now, I probably ride about the same distance as Daniella. About the 20 mile ride... yes, on Labor Day we went for a big unplanned bike ride without map or GPS. We did have a general idea of where we were though; we were just looking for a pleasant ride and fun places to go, like these playgrounds we'd never been to:
A railroad-themed park.

A climbing structure that's great for big kids!
Joshua, age 6:
I like bikes because they don't pollute. I ride my bike to school everyday. Bikes are awesome and cool.

Joseph, age 4:
I hate bikes. I love cars. I love blue. Return the bikes and put the polices in jail. And then never ever let the polices come out. Get the front of the police's walkie talkies. Put Nathaniel in jail. Then take the police's motorcycles. Unlock the polices. Everyone is safe. Bazooka! Bad guy! All done.

(I guess not quite everyone in our family likes bikes, at least on the day this post was written.)

Jonah (with prompts from Joseph), age 2:
I love Like-a-bikes. I love stickers. I love bazookas. I love bazooka stickers. I love superheroes.

Nathaniel, age 3 months:
[smile, drool, coo, cry, burp]


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