Friday, November 4, 2011

Family Bike Touring

Lately, I've been captivated by the idea of bicycle touring with my young family. At some point in the last few months and weeks, I've found several other blogging families that have done/are doing exactly this:

On my blog sidebar are the Pedal Powered Family, the Family on Bikes, and the Global Mobile Family (I absolutely love the photos on this blog). Lately, my favorite reading has been about the Harrison family, who've nicknamed themselves the Pedouins. I've spent way too many nights up late reading their blog about their journey on a quint bike from Kentucky to Alaska and then their winter in a cabin near Fairbanks. Something about the writing just resonates with me. They've also written a book about their trip and are currently on a book tour (in an old school bus that they restored!). I'm bummed that I didn't find out about them, their journey, and their book a little sooner. They stopped just a few miles from our home in September! I'm definitely planning on reading their book, A Pedouin Life: Stop and Smell the Artichokes.

It'll be my second family bike touring memoir that I've read, the first being Mud, Sweat, and Tears by Joe Kurmaskie:

I liked this well enough, but it was a little crass, I missed a good chunk of all the pop culture references (I seem to often be clueless about these), and I didn't like how stories about the actual tour were mixed together with stories about the author's mom and the author's falling in love with his wife. Maybe I was just reading too fast to get it, but putting those three themes together in the same book seemed weird.

As far as bike touring goes for my family... I doubt we'll do anything longer than a few days. We have several day outings in mind, and we are toying with idea of traveling 100 miles to my inlaws. I worry about Nathaniel fussing, about hills (would we take the bakfiets touring?), and about just being tired/thirsty/hungry with nowhere to sleep. But it's fun to dream... Maybe someday, we'll be the ones out on the open road.

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  1. I have been following the Pedal Power family as well. I looked into the others, but they didn't seem to be on the road right now, and it's been fun to watch the progress, trials and tribulations of the Canadian four! They are heading down to California right now :)

    Just asked Brent how many miles he thought we might be able to do in a day with the children. 100 miles would take us 3-4 days, but might be a lot of fun. My family lives 200 miles away, and I have thought that one over as well. As you dream!