Saturday, December 17, 2011

Biking News

Here's the biking-related news around here:

1) Yes, those were avocados that the little kids and I collected on a bike adventure last week and they were yummy!

2) Jeremy and I (and now the kids) have this crazy idea (daydream?) of biking from California to southeastern Idaho this summer for a family reunion. Thinking about hills, we found this really cool site that shows a graph of elevation change for any route you plot on googlemaps:

3) Also while thinking about hills, we decided it's finally time we put a drum brake on the triple. Even if we don't try to get to Idaho, there's enough hills here and there, that it'd be helpful. We waited too long on this, though. The Arai drum brake we need is no longer made. A local bike shop specializing in tandems has none and can't get any from Bike Friday or anywhere else. We did find one online... for $500! Is this really how much a drum brake should cost? Maybe we really don't need a drum brake after all (unless we really do go to Idaho...).

4) I had another little fall with bakfiets. It was from a standstill. I was on the side of the road fiddling with the saddle height and should have put the kickstand down before doing that. Jonah and Joseph were also leaning over the edge of the bakfiets putting stickers on the outside of the box. I just lost my grip on the handlebars. No one was hurt. Nathaniel stayed asleep through everything. Joseph was a little upset.

5) Jeremy and the girls have seen another bakfiets parked at their school some mornings. Jeremy finally met the owner, who hauls around his 1st grader and preschooler in it. That's a lot of weight!

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