Sunday, December 11, 2011

Not biking to school

Our oldest daughter had ear surgery. For 6 weeks after the surgery she is supposed to avoid physical activity. Since she is never one to "take it easy" biking, this means no biking to school. She vehemently turned down the option of riding the triple. The pride of watching her sister ride her own bike has too much for her to bear. Though I am not sure I would be comfortable with it either - she would find a way to over-exert herself.

We also offered her a ride in the bakfeits, but was a non-starter.

So, we are stuck driving the three and a half miles to school.

Well, its actually closer to three miles. We usually park a ways away from the school and walk the final stretch in. The kids constantly beg us to park further away, but there is the matter of actually leaving on time. (They have threatened to get up at 5:30am to walk to school, but sleep almost always beats out the convictions.)

On Friday, we parked a couple blocks from school. As we were walking in, we saw an SUV in the driveway. Two kids jumped in, and the SUV drove off - right to the school! At that distance, walking was faster than enduring the "drop-off" traffic at school, but I guess some people really like to drive. (To be fair, there are also plenty of people that leave further away that walk to school every day.)

The kids also joke about the large traffic jams they see near some neighborhood schools on the way: The kids are only allowed to drive if they leave early enough. If they are running late, they have to bike.

Luckily, most of the "recovery" period for our daughter's surgery will take place during the Christmas vacation, so its only two weeks of driving - and endless complaining about cars.

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