Monday, January 23, 2012

Bikes in Taipei - part 1

I snapped a few pictures of bikes on a recent trip to Taiwan. Folding bikes seem to be fairly popular. The bike that I found most interesting was the "folding triple". This bike looked about the same size as your typical Dahon-type folding bikes in the US. However, it had seats for three. The "adult" rode in the middle seat and reached the far handle bars. A front child seat had a near set of handlebars, and a heavy cushion was on the rear seat for another child (or adult - these must be good racks!)

I did see a mother with her two kids cruising on one of these to the train station. This one looked fairly rusty and had smaller-than-usual wheels. But, they still managed to move at a reasonable pace. (Though they did seem to have a wobbly start.)

The area around the university was loaded with bikes. I saw the train station with its double-decker bike parkers first:

Then I noticed a few bikes around the corner towards the back:

And then it was on to biketopia. The number of bikes parked in close proximity would put Stanford to shame.

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