Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Towing a bike

It's been a rough past few days for my kids. The four oldest all came down-- successively-- with a stomach bug. That means I've been driving sick kids around while bringing the healthy ones to school, etc. I like bikes, but in such times, I appreciate my car. 

Anyway, after several days off the bike I was itching to get back on. Daniella was too and was disappointed when this morning-- despite everyone finally being healthy-- I shepherded everyone into the car. I needed to get Joshua and Daniella to school and then get Gabriella back to "science camp"  (a special week-long nature camp that fifth-graders attend) after missing some of it because of being sick. The camp was 10 miles away, the last part very uphill and poor Gabriella didn't want to miss anymore than she already had.

If I'd been thinking, I would have dropped Daniella's bike off with her at school, so she would have it to ride home. But distracted by getting everyone ready to go to school and then the camp, I didn't. So this afternoon, I managed to rig a towing set-up. I removed the front wheel of Daniella's bike and the fork fit nicely through the rack on the bakfiets. I wrapped the parts of the fork touching the rack with a a few rags to keep them from getting too scratched up and used a bungee to secure the fork to the rack. The front wheel-- of course-- went into the bakfiets box. It worked well-- much better than just strapping the bike to the rack and then trying to remember you have a really wide load. On the way home, Daniella rode her bike, Joshua sat on the back rack, and the three littlest were in the box. It was a little stressful getting out the door (when is it never?) and riding there. Nat was fussy and I thought we'd be late (we weren't; my legs are getting strong!). The ride home was wonderful though. Nat slept and we made an impromptu stop in the park.

Here's the bike attached to the rack:

And here's another photo as we're getting ready to go. I put my new, cool Cleverchimp panniers (birthday present) back on after attaching Daniella's bike:

And that's all for today... Hooray for crazy bike contraptions!


  1. Very clever indeed! I would have put the front wheel in the pannier and bungeed it on. I like this better. Hooray for strong legs too!

  2. I tried putting the front wheel in the pannier first, but unfortunately it didn't work.. I think longtail bikes have longer, but shallower panniers??

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