Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wiggling Along to the Library

This evening, my two girls and I rode two miles through the dark to the library. We rode on our Bike Friday Triple. After riding my bakfiets nearly every day, the triple felt both strange and uncomfortable. It was squeaky (needs a tune-up!) and it took a lot of arm strength to keep from wiggling all over the road (just the way it always handles, but I'd forgotten). To top it off, the shifting is opposite as on the bakfiets-- twisting toward you puts the bakfiets in a higher gear, but puts the Triple in a lower gear. And... I've gotten used to shifting after stopping (the bakfiets has hub gears), which you can't really do with the Triple's derailleur. On the bright side, the slight uphill on the way home was barely noticeable. The girls are strong enough to really get the bike moving and the Triple is probably about 5 trillion pounds lighter than the bakfiets. We've also figured out that lights attached to helmets (including headlamps meant for camping, etc.) are nice and visible! Tonight's ride just reminded me that there are tons of different bikes that do lots of different things ("duh", I just have to look in our garage), but that I do like my bakfiets best right now.

The girls and I had a nice time chatting on the ride. I don't get a lot of time alone with them. They were getting kind of silly toward the end and giving me a hard time for being a little uneasy on the bike and for asking them to not pedal so hard. "Don't you know that the national bike speed is FAST?", Daniella asked, which then turned into something about the "national size" being  FAT, which then eventually turned into a comment about "true Americans", who-- according to Joshua's definition from several days ago-- are people who "drive their SUVs, watch TV, and go to McDonald's". Oh, sigh. Not sure what to say or think about all the chatter.

We arrived home happy. The girls asked to have a piece of chocolate when we got back. Since they worked so hard laying off the pedals and telling me I was slow, I figured they deserved it  Ha. Anyway, here are my two silly girls-- all ruffle-haired-- eating chocolate:

And that's all... because photos of the dark aren't that interesting, and I didn't have a camera with me anyway :)

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