Monday, February 6, 2012

Off to Stanford...

The Saturday before last, we set out on a family bike ride to "somewhere". We ended up at Stanford University-- via our church building (we helped to clean it; everyone takes a turn), a donut shop, and a detour into some very mild hills (which I had to walk the bakfiets up-- sigh). We ate lunch at Stanford and went to the Cantor Museum and the football stadium (Joshua's request). On the way home, we stopped to visit donkeys at Bol Park at then rested at a cute little ice cream/candy shop tucked away in a residential area. Our last stop was at dusk at a playground. Pictures say more than words about our 30 mile adventure:

Just biking along...

Chain fell off... common problem on the triple.

All of those bikes are ours!

One of the hills I had to walk the bakfiets up.

In front of the bike shop on the Stanford Campus. They have tools you can use to fix up your bike. Came in handy for a loose seat on the triple.

Near Bol Park. Community donkeys are cared for by volunteers.

Sweet Shop.

Very cool fountain by outdoor seating area.

The kids loved the bathroom decor.

One of two bike racks at the Sweet Shop. There was more bike parking than car parking!