Friday, March 9, 2012

Stolen bike

What's left of the bike...

Not my bike, but looked just about like this...

My Breezer bicycle was stolen two nights ago. Jeremy rode it to a local high school where he was taking a Chinese class through our school district's Adult Ed program. (He often borrows it in the evening because he likes the generator lights.) After class, he found the cheap cable lock cut and the bike gone. It hasn't shown up on Craigslist (yet?), but we filed a police report and who knows.... it could show up. The bike did need some costly repairs/replacements and so we were considering just buying a new bike anyway, but it's still unsettling. It's made us think about how/ what we use to lock our bikes. Jeremy's pulled out his stash of U-locks that we've used in the past on college campuses and other high-theft areas. We never thought we'd need them in our immediate neighborhood. SIGH.


  1. HUGE bummer about the stolen bike. Hope it is recovered soon. Someday I need to post a photo of our keychains-- we have minimal house/work keys but multiple U-lock keys which we color-code with nail polish1

    1. I love the color-coding idea. We just have a pile of locks and a pile of keys-- not too useful until we fiddle around and find a matching key and lock!