Thursday, April 26, 2012

Earth Day Festival

Last Saturday, we went on one of our little bike adventures. I love the time biking around together as a family. A triple, two kids' bikes, and a bakfiets elicit all kinds of happy waves and lots of conversation. I felt especially clowny-looking last Saturday. Since the whether was unseasonably warm, I attached a red wagon canopy to the bakfiets in an attempt as a sunshade.
Photo from another day, but you can see the sunshade...
Our first stop was Joshua's soccer game. Here is Joshua as we're getting ready to leave:

Our second stop was a new farmers' market. The market wins kudos for the water table set up for kids:

After this, we went to an Earth Day festival near the Cupertino library. We collected all kinds of goodies and snippets of information-- including red blinkie lights, water bottles, and T-shirts. There was also a booth with electric bicycles to try out. I've never ridden one before and it was kind of fun. On these, you just turned the throttle on the handlebars and sped off-- no pedaling needed. I don't see us buying or wanting one anytime soon, but it was fun to check them out anyway.
Tommy Bahama bike from ELV Motors
We ended up spending several hours at the festival and by the end of the day, we were pretty tired. The heat (I've always hated hot weather) plus lugging baby around seemed to have affected me the worst. I managed to make it home, but then promptly went to bed fighting a headache and extreme fatigue. It was a reminder to me that I need to be careful and stay hydrated and cool, especially while pedaling my monster bike around in warm weather.