Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Carrying a cupboard and a little brother...

This morning Jeremy took the bakfiets to pick up a cupboard that we found on Freecycle:

Later in the morning, the kids and I headed off to the library and park. I've been having trouble figuring out the best way to carry our 7 year-old by bike. I'm not comfortable with him on his own bike on busier roads, he's not always an enthusiastic biker, there isn't room for him in the bakfiets, I can't attach the Trail-A-Bike to the bakfiets, and I haven't yet bought a Follow-Me-Tandem (to create a set-up similar to Emily Finch's). Gabriella (a major ball of energy and super-enthusiastic biker) offered to pull Joshua on the Trail-A-Bike. It worked great, though I was a little nervous at first. Gabi is only 10 (well, almost 11). On the way home, Joshua the bookworm happily sat and read in the bakfiets, while Joey happily rode the Trail-A-Bike. Perfect! I think we'll have Gabi tow her brothers a lot this summer.

Gabi pulling Joshua

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