Monday, November 5, 2012

Biking to hiking...

Last Saturday, our entire family went on one of our "bike adventures"-- where we take most of a day to ride somewhere far and explore. After much debate, we headed in a general southerly direction with no real destination. We meandered through a flea market and then, after a few random detours up some side streets, we bumped into some hiking trails (not really too far from home) we never knew existed. How fun!

The trail started off flat and shady:

We found a yummy strawberry fruit tree:

 Then we found a very big hill:

There were great views at the top:

After heading back down, the kids got silly on the trail:

We then finished up the hike, stopped at two playgrounds (and two restrooms), and then ended with dinner at a new cafe near our home. They cafe had games (but the food wasn't quite enough for our big appetites):

For the ride, we changed our usual set-up a bit and had Jeremy pulling Joshua on the trail-a-bike and Gabriella pulling Jonah or Joseph (they switched places a few times) and me riding the bakfiets with Nathaniel and Jonah or Joseph (whoever wasn't in the trailer). I lagged behind in the "clean up" position, as we call it, but the trailer was a great set-up for Gabi. Usually she's yelling at us to go faster, but pulling the trailer kept her at the same pace as Jeremy. I'm so proud of how strong she is for being barely 11!

For a chunk of the ride, I let Joseph loose with the camera while he sat in the bakfiets. He had a blast and captured several pictures, some silly, some just different from what I usually take, and some nice shots. Presenting a sampling of the work of Joey the photographer...

All ready to go...

Goodbye garage...

The bakfiets lags behind.

Jeremy and Joshua.

Excellent bike lane.

Pedestrian/bicycle bridge.

Flea Market wares. Joseph loves Legos.

And police cars...

Soccer players at the local community college.

The sun!

Another group of bikers!

Old-school TV antenna.

Little brother... thinking about grabbing the camera.

We had a nice day, though next time we might do better with a little more planning. Right now, some members of the household are plotting all kinds of multi-day bike trips. We'll see. We'll see.


  1. Hi,

    Great blog. I live in the area (near sleeper ave entrance to the stevens creek trail). I was wondering if you've used the bakfiets on those wooden bridges when they are wet. If so, how was it? I have a big dummy that I'm using to transport my 1 and 3 year olds. We do most of our commuting along the trail. When it is wet those wooden bridges get really slippery and with so little protection around the kids and the kids high up on the bike I'm a bit worried about slipping and having the whole rig topple. I've been thinking about getting another (cheap) bike + trailer, a cargo trike or a bakfiets. I love the bakfiets and was thinking the box and kids lower down would make a slip safer (in the sense that I wouldn't crush a little kids arm :). Any thoughts?


  2. We've been riding the bakfiets for over a year now, so I'm pretty sure we've ridden across some of those bridges wet, but I honestly can't remember for sure :( I do ride in the rain and just tend to ride a bit more slowly if I'm afraid the area I'm on will be more slippery. We've never fallen because of wet ground. The falls we have had have been from a standstill (dropped the bike while standing next to it) or at slow speed (going through bollards) and there were zero injuries except for a slight scrape on my knee. So I guess it wouldn't be too big of a deal if it did slip while going slowly over a wet bridge??? Let me know if you'd like to meet up and try out the bakfiets. It'd be fun.

  3. We would love to meet up. My email is arasala and it is