About Us

We're a family of eight living in Northern California that likes to ride to bikes. We ride bikes to school, to the grocery store, to church, to the park, and a lot of other places. We own one car-- a minivan-- which we drive about 5000 miles a year, except in 2010 when we drove across America and back. We are:

Jeremy: Dad of the family. He is probably the one most to blame for our garage full of bikes. When he was 17, his parents had to bribe him-- with a bicycle-- to take Driver's Ed. He didn't bother getting his driver's license until a year after finishing the course. He didn't own a car until about 15 years later (our minivan). During all that time, he got around-- in several different cities-- by walking, public transit, and biking. He commutes daily to work-- now just 1.5 miles each way, but has also commuted 11 miles each way, and a whopping 15 miles each way with a 1500 ft. change in elevation. He also bikes our oldest children to school each day and sometimes home-- 3 miles each way-- as well as nearly everywhere else.

Kimberly: Mom of the family. I've always had a bike and found it useful for getting around, but have been happy with cars too. I had an old station wagon in high school that got lots of use. I'm also the one who usually drives the minivan. But I like biking too! If it's less than 5 miles and I can get every kid in/on a some type of bike, that's how I travel.

Gabriella: Age 10, and the fast biker on our family outings. She pretty much always rides her own bike, tailing us closely and yelling for us to go faster.

Daniella: Age 8, sometimes rides our triple and sometimes her own bike. She MUCH prefers her own bike.

Joshua: Age 7, is happy on our triple, our Trail-a-bike, or his own bike.

Joseph: Age 5, learned how to ride a bike last fall. He'd been speeding along on his scoot bike for some time. One hot August day, the kids were especially wild after lunch. I put our two-year-old down for a nap and half-jokingly suggested to Gabriella and Daniella that they teach Joseph how to ride a bike. While caring for our baby, Gabriella found a wrench in the garage, adjusted Joshua's bike and with Daniella began running alongside the bike as Joey rode. Back and forth in front of our house for less than 10 minutes and Joseph was proudly on his own! He's also happy to ride and sleep in our Chariot trailer, but is quite indifferent to the bakfiets. Recently, he's started riding on the triple.

Jonah: Age 3, loves riding around in the bakfiets. He points out all kinds of things as we're riding,

Nathaniel: Our sweet infant. He's a happy baby pretty much everywhere. His smile melts my heart. I love being able to see him as he sits in his carseat in the bakfiets and love watching Joey and Jonah sing or talk to him as we ride along.