Our Bikes

We have a garage full of bikes:

Jamis Aurora: Jeremy's commuter bike. This replaced a Specialized Globe that was stolen.

Breezer Villager: Kimberly's bike. This was stolen early 2012. Grrrr. I liked it.

Breezer Folding Bike: Jeremy had been considering buying a folder for some time. When his bicycle was stolen while at work, he walked over to a bike shop, bought this, and rode it home.

Trek mountain bike: We call this the "Trail-a-bike Bike". We just leave our Adams Trail-a-bike attached to it all the time. It came with us from Chicago where it braved snow and ice

Giant mountain bike: We refer to this bike as "The Grandpa Jon bike". Jeremy took this bike from his parents' garage a few years ago with plans to fix it up and give it back to his father. He's been nagging his dad to bike commute to work. The bike still sits in our garage mostly, but not quite fixed up.

Chariot Cougar trailer: We bought this six years ago when we moved to California. It's well-made, nice to pull, but quite lacking in storage space (I think newer models have more space).

Kidarooz Trailer: We call this "Big Yellow". It's a cheap trailer we bought at Costco, so we could go places when we were a family of five- two kids in one trailer and one in another. It doesn't pull too smoothly, but has lots of space. I did ruin the hitch while hauling three kids in it (one was sitting on the floor of the trailer), but the company (the same company that makes the Chariot, apparently) kindly replaced it with a different style, even after I told them what I was doing when I broke it.

Kettler Teddy bike seat: We bought our first Kettler Teddy after the broken hitch incident and for a while I'd often ride with two kids in a trailer and one on the bike seat. The seat has great suspension. We bought a second one about a year ago, after the first one got a little beat up-- cracked from being knocked over one-too-many times and padding and straps chewed up by a nasty rat.

Adams Trail-a-bike: Our oldest daughter rode on this almost every day to Kindergarten. We still use it occasionally when just Jeremy and one kid are going places.

Bike Friday Triple Tandem: We bought this when we needed to bring two kids to school. Fun, fun, though my kids have ruined countless pairs of pants in the chains. In the morning rush, rolling up pants legs just doesn't always happen.

Bakfiets: A Workcycles bakfiets bought at My Dutch Bike in San Francisco. This is our newest bike addition. We have our infant car seat base secured to the box and I've been riding around a lot with our three kids who aren't yet in school.

Girl's 20-inch bike: Sometimes Gabriella's bike and sometimes Daniella's bike.

16-inch Trek bike: Joseph and Joshua both ride this pink hand-me-down from the girls.

"The Dumpy Bike": A 16-inch bike purchased at a garage sale for a few dollars. It definitely isn't high-quality, but Joshua and Joseph both do fine riding it around places. It's a girly purple and blue and has sported Superhero stickers in the past.

Mini-glider balance bike: Joshua and Joseph rode this before learning how to ride a regular bike.

The Japanese bike: A 20 year-old, single-speed, everyday bike from Japan. My family and I lived in Japan for three years in the early 90s and it came back to the U.S. with us (and then collected dust in my parents' garage for several years).

The "Gear Bike": Freecycle find that fits Gabi. She likes using the gears, hence the name. This is also the bike that caused the bakfiets crash.